3rd Day at ISTE | ISTE 参加三日目雑感

(Japanese follows English)

3rd Day at ISTE conference, run by , International Society for Technology in Education (a.k.a., ISTE). It’s been inspiring to meet so many educators who share the same vision of how transformational vision and mission will change education, rather than relying on technology to change education. Technologies are great enablers of visions and strategies set out by educators that interact with kids on daily basis, but without this belief, we may fall in trap of not having an aligned strategy and execution plans. The great thing about this conference is that, there have been lots of practical seminars, roundtables, and discussion on how to incorporate myriad of educational methods or tools in order to deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences to kids.
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What is Future Citizens?

There is a long list of things that I care about in life, but there is nothing more important than education for our Future Citizens (i.e. children).  Education has tremendous amount of influence on who we become and how we operate.  And yet, many of us grew up without even knowing options, as the paths were clearly defined by the system and families.

I started focusing on 21st century education, as it is a critical time that we collectively need to take more active roles in thinking about how we can best prepare our future citizens.

Via this blog and my work at Future Citizens, I would like to share my learnings, current projects, and thoughts.

Look forward to connecting with likeminded people who deeply care about the future of our kids on Planet Earth!