Interview with The Girls on the Road Project

with Taci and Fernanda

This is one of those days when I thank the existence of social media and technology.  I got introduced to Taci and Fernanda, the two founders of the Girls on the Road, who are traveling around the world to build the most diverse source of female founder video interview library with hope of providing better access to role models and inspiration for girls!

OK, it is easy to talk about it but leaving your work, raising money, and doing this extraordinary projects for greater good for women and our world is just amazing!  I cannot wait for the day when the video library gets published!

Ladies in Singapore and Malaysia, they are on their ways!

Check out this video to learn a bit more about the goal of this project!

女性起業家のロールモデルの世界規模ビデオアーカイブを作るために、北米、アジア、アフリカ、ヨーロッパの取材旅行をされている the Girls on the Road のTaci さんとFernnanda さんにお目にかかりました。女性がより起業を身近な存在として捉えるにはあまりにもロールモデルがいないということを危惧したお二人が、会社をやめて、資金調達をし、世界中の女性起業家にインタビューするという壮大なプロジェクト!


ご興味あるかたは、こちらの Youtube ビデオをごらんください!

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