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After months of sweat, anxiety, excitement, and collaboration, just finished delivering my first TEDx talk on “getting girls to be STEAMbitious”.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, and I wanted to share my idea to the world that encouraging girls to be immersed to STEAM education is crucial to  improve social status of women in Japan.

Japan is ranked 101 out of 145 countries in gender equality according to World Economic Forum’s report in 2015.  And women on a whole are missing the wave of technology, as only 1 in 5 students in Science and Technology fields are women and similar ratio goes for people working in the industry.  Meanwhile, there is a statistics that people in STEM fields tend to earn 33% more than those who are not in the STEM fields.

It was my hope in the TEDxRoppongi talk that more and more parents start encouraging girls in Japan to enjoy STEM related plays and activities by infusing more arts into the discipline, hence STEAM.

It was very encouraging to meet many attendees after the talk that they share similar concerns.  I know that this is only one small step, but I hope that I was able to ignite a few people’s hearts on importance, and we can join forces to encourage more girls into the fields of the future.

I do not mean to ignore the importance of language, history, music, and other disciplines.  But given the fact that everything we touch will be infused with technology, if we wish improved gender equality, we need to have more representation of women in the fields of the future.

Thank you TEDxRoppongi team on an amazing opportunity, and I not only learned so much by preparing for this talk but also enjoyed getting to know amazing people who are all trying to push envelopes for better future.

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